Beveridges Eavestrough Saskatoon
Manicures & Pedicures
A variety of different spa treatments are offered for your hands, feet and nails, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.
Organic Spa Manicure   $5500 - 1.15 hour
This service offers a warm soak, organic exfoliating scrub, nail shaping, cuticle clean up, followed by a wonderful hand and arm massage, following with a warm coconut hydration wrap and a perfect polish.
Organic Manicure          
$4500 - 1 hour
The basic Manicure offers a warm soak, nail shaping, cuticle clean up with a wonderful arm and hand massage, followed with a perfect polish.
Shellac Manicure           
$6000 - 1 ½ hour
An amazing long lasting polish with beautiful Color Gloss, with long lasting results.  Enjoy a wonderful Organic Manicure with a perfect application of shellac polish followed with a arm and hand massage.
Shellac Application   $3600 - ½ hour
If you are just needing a fresh new color application. This treatment is Shellac removal and new color application, followed by a hand and arm massage.
Shellac Removal  
$2200 - ½ hour
Removal of the old shellac, hydrate your cuticles with a wonderful hand and arm massage.
Organic Spa Pedicure   $7200 - 1 ½ hour
Relax and enjoy!! We begin with a refreshing cleansing foot soak, followed with an organic exfoliating scrub,  a  heel grooming, cuticle removal, nail shaping and treatment, with a wonderful leg and foot massage, ending with a warm coconut hydration wrap and a perfect polish.
Organic Pedicure         
$6000 - 1 hour
This treatment begins with a cleansing foot soak, followed by heel grooming, cuticle removal, nail shaping, and a wonderful foot and leg massage, with polish of your choice.
Shellac Pedicure          
$8000 1 ½ hour
Get a perfect, long lasting polish with shellac polish. Enjoy a refreshing foot soak, cuticle and nail treatment, heel clean up followed with a relaxing foot and leg massage. Wear your shoes immediately after the treatment.

Revitalizing Heel Treatment:  
$5000 1 hour
This treatment is for those ruff heels and callous build up. We begin with an organic cleansing soak, exfoliating scrub, heel and callous clean up, following with a foot and leg massage, ending the service with a coconut hydrating wrap.
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Saskatoon Spa Manicure Pedicure